Product Management Consultancy

Organisations all over the world, small and large, have benefitted from our wide-ranging experience, proven frameworks and in-depth knowledge across vast sectors of business. 

We can help

Our experienced Product Management consultants can help your organisation:

  • Understand the effectiveness & performance level of the team.
  • Advise on and implement improvement programmes to enhance Product management capability.
  • Provide a fresh perspective on your current working and product strategies.
  • Understand the importance and different types of roadmaps and methodologies.
  • By working with you to create or customise new frameworks that meet any of your unique challenges.

How can we help you?

“Extremely useful and very practical for my job as product manager at a multinational software company...”

Neil Kenealy, Senior Product Manager
IONA Technologies

Our business and product consultancy packages include:

360° product management review

A comprehensive onsite review of current practices in Product Management and across the wider business, reviewing product culture, competencies and success.

This Review will result in a series of recommendations to improve the product management discipline internally and a plan for implementation which will include: 

  • Key areas, skills & topics to focus our efforts in upskilling & recommended changes to current practices or responsibilities to optimise product management effectiveness.
  • A short, or long, term implementation plan spanning from 2/3 months to 12 months and beyond.
  • Monthly progress calls and a dedicated email service for prompt response to any issues or questions relating to the implementation project, to keeps things running smoothly.

Product Management Framework process

Our proven Tarigo Product Management Framework can be completely customised to fit the language, branding and requirements of your company. This delivers the most effective product lifecycle management process, with supporting tools & templates for your specific industry, product portfolio, market conditions and strategic objectives.

The framework and consultancy project will typically include:

  • A clear definition of each stage of the process, responsibilities, guiding principles and how ventures progress through the stages from innovation to product retirement. 
  • Access to our existing 5D Tool box that contains 35+ ready to go tools and worksheet templates.
  • Creation of templates and tools to be used at each stage of the process, with the ability to align the language and function of any tools, existing or new, with your unique business requirements
  • An open line of communication via, phone, conference/video calls and emails that allows us to ensure that implementation of the framework goes smoothly and allows both parties to deal with questions and queries efficiently and promptly. 


The PMX package is a full product management training and implementation. A continuous professional development program for your Product Management team. 

This package is a combination of consulting and advice, face to face training, online e-learning and access to a large pool of resources. All of this is brought together to provide constant improvements to a product teams performance. And, we maintain this content and stay current in order to adhere to today’s fact changing environments across all sectors. 

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Mind the Gap

A comprehensive review of your product team and the skills assets available. Followed by a strategic plan to upskill and prepare your product team bespoke training to suit your business needs.

With our Mind the Gap process we prepare product teams for specific business priorities over the next 12-months, this allows us to focus your team, so they get the most out of our bespoke training. Customised training is planned and deployed to upskill in the areas that are low performing in order to fill the gaps.

The process includes 

  • Identify priorities for the next 12 months and match them with specific Product Management Skills.
  • Interview and identify the skills assets of your team at an individual level.
  • Score and assign each individual for each skill, from 0 to 10 with as either; learn it, do it or coach it. 
  • Working with the team to produce a plan for bespoke training to target any short fall in team and individual skills.
  • Implement the training plan, including a mix of; face to face training, peer to peer working, online resources and learning, plus webinars and papers for support. 


CPM & Leadership… In-house & Bespoke

Tell us what you need, we can provide training that is beneficial to all levels of PM’s and senior leaders. Our experience allows us to take your leadership practices to the next level.

Our Complete Product Management & Leadership courses form the foundation of our training. We can customise every aspect of all our training in order to align what we teach your product team. 

  • Align language and specific focus to fit your business needs
  • Add-in topics that are unique to your sector 
  • Concentrate the direction of the training to tackle the issues your business struggles to combat. 

“The training matched our needs exactly and has already enabled us to focus on offering a range of winning products to our customers. A very worthwhile investment in our future.”

Steven Logan, Product Manager, CTI Data Solutions Ltd

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