Product Management Consultancy

Many organisations, large and small, have benefited from the wide-ranging experience, proven frameworks and in depth knowledge of our consultants.

Our experienced PM consultants can help your organisation:
Understand the effectiveness & performance levels of the team, then advise on and implement improvement programmes to enhance your Product Management capability.

Provide a fresh perspective on your current product strategies, roadmaps and methodologies, then work with you to customise new frameworks to meet your unique challenges.

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“Extremely useful and very practical for my job as product manager at a multinational software company...”

Neil Kenealy, Senior Product Manager
IONA Technologies

Our specific consultancy packages include:

360 Review

A comprehensive onsite review of current practices in Product Management and across the wider business as they relate to product success.

The output from this review will be a series of recommendations and an implementation plan including:

  • Key areas to focus efforts & recommended changes in practices or responsibilities to optimise product management effectiveness
  • A 3,6, or 12-month implementation plan
  • Monthly progress call and a dedicated email service for prompt response to questions relating to the project

Product Management Framework

A complete customisation of the proven Tarigo Product Management Framework. It will deliver the most effective product lifecycle management process and supporting tools & templates for your specific industry, product portfolio, market conditions and strategic objectives.

The framework and consultancy project with typically include :

  • Clear definition of each stage of the process, responsibilities, guiding principles and how ventures progress through the stages from innovation to product retirement
  • Creation of templates and tools to be used at each stage of the process
  • Monthly progress call and a dedicated email service for prompt response to questions relating to the project

Product Management Excellence PMX®

PMX blends much of the above into a continuous professional development program for your Product Management Team.

This combination of advice, face to face and online training modules as well as the Product Management Central resource centre is designed to constantly improve the team’s performance in today’s fast changing environments.

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“The training matched our needs exactly and has already enabled us to focus on offering a range of winning products to our customers. A very worthwhile investment in our future.”

Steven Logan, Product Manager, CTI Data Solutions Ltd

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