Product Management and Product Marketing

Clarity of the roles and responsibilities across the two disciplines is vital in any organisation. A template to broadly define each function is discussed in this blog extracted from a white paper on the subject of collaboration.

For many product managers, the role of product marketing may be undertaken by another group or individual in the organisation. It may be considered part of their own role but is often undertaken with lower levels of knowledge & experience.

In some cases, product marketing may not be practiced at all, and a new or improved product "thrown over the wall" to the rest of the organisation and the market!

In over 20 years of leading product management and marketing teams, it is clear to me that the combination of strategies and processes from both disciplines maximises the success of a new or updated product.

In many ways it is less about the need for an organisation to have both roles (although this is undoubtedly important as a product scales) but more about the need for an organisation to adopt & integrate both disciplines, perhaps within one role or using a collaborative team approach.

The definition of product managers and product marketing managers is often taken and altered by organisations to suit their own purpose, but in my experience the most successful definitions must have the following constituent parts.

In simple terms we could state that Product Management has to define and oversee the build of the product and Product Marketing has to take it to market. The reality is more complex than this and is discussed more in my white paper Product Management & Product Marketing – A Symbiotic Relationship