Product Management Excellence (PMX) – Embedding a permanent company competence

Having worked with 6 software companies across multiple industries and with products ranging from ERP to Data, CMS and mobile apps, I joined Tarigo because I believe that high quality product management represents the most significant success factor in the industry. If deployed correctly and supported it transcends any one good idea and builds in a repeatable, company competence to consistently identify and execute upon successful products. Having worked on projects with Tarigo since 2009, I know we’re best placed to deliver this.

The positive impact of training courses is generally accepted, in fact analysis by Accenture identified a 353% ROI. However, Tarigo recognise that results can be short lived and, therefore, offers the best of both worlds; from face-to-face training for instant benefit to the continuous professional development required to achieve product management excellence. I think this approach represents the future of product management training and whilst we’re already delivering solutions to our global partners, it’s applicable to all sizes of solution providers.

Most significantly, regardless of the methodology being used to build products, businesses must retain their ability to build the right product strategy. Failure to do so significantly impacts the morale of all teams, damages reputation, misses opportunity and wastes money, often to a critical degree. Therefore, assuming commercial success is the ultimate goal, it’s vital that the role of product management is clear, robust and supported at every level.

Our PMX framework includes all components, from evaluating product management and stakeholder alignment, through to blended training, company specific toolkits and our own knowledge base: Product Management Central. All elements are powerful in isolation and as a programme it facilitates exceptional product management on an ongoing basis.

Tarigo Continuous Development Framework for Product Management Excellence