Is product management just for commercial teams?

Is product management just for commercial teams?

Over the years I’ve worked with many organisations that don’t fit the ‘traditional’ product management model - think of government bodies, third sector, or internal IT teams.

So what does Product Management do for a team who are not profit driven?

Consider it in this way; product management tries to maximise the value of any spend made on products or services – maximise return on investment. For a commercial team this can translate into sales and profit. But for other types of organisation it translates into something of equal importance. Better value.

  • “More for every taxpayer dollar”

  • “The most efficient IT at the lowest cost point”

  • “Helping more people with the same funding”

Add in the product management skill of being able to articulate the benefits we offer through value proposition building and it becomes easy to see the benefits that good commercial product management skills bring to sectors that might not seem obvious candidates.