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Established in 2003, Tarigo has built an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality training and consultancy solutions to product managers throughout Europe and the USA.

Our fresh approach to product management training has proven incredibly successful and our capability to adapt to clients’ training and consultancy needs has only helped to further this success.

We engaged Tarigo because of their specialist expertise and focus on product management.  We’re pleased to say they are now our global product management training partner, skilfully navigating many different situations and cultures to successfully form and deliver our product management excellence programme in both classroom and online formats.

The training is always engaging, good fun and innovative in both the delivery and the supporting ideas and materials to embed the learning.

Tarigo has already successfully delivered this programme to over 1000 product managers globally.

Eric Klisz
Business Leader – Product Management Excellence, Global Talent Development

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Garry Avery - CEO

Garry Avery portrait

My house is pretty full - three dogs and four teenagers! If an alien watched me for a day they’d conclude my hobbies were 1. Washing muddy dogs, 2. Picking stuff up, 3. Moaning about picking stuff up and washing muddy dogs!

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Deborah Myers - Operations Director

Deborah Myers portrait

Achieving operational excellence at Tarigo is a busy job. So when I need to wind down you will find me at the coast walking along the cliffs with my gorgeous dog Max. I may occasionally call into the local public house. Walking is thirsty work.

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Louise Cantrill - Head of Consultancy

Louise Cantrill portrait

I’m a gardener, a gluten free baker, and a yogi. Every year my runner beans win best in show, but my baking is a bit hit or miss, and the family proceed with caution when sampling my cakes. As for the yoga, I’ve got all the gear!

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Kane Avery - Head of Training

Kane Avery portrait

I use a lot of automotive examples, I’m a bit of a car fanatic! When I’m not at my desk on the weekends, you’d most likely find me in the countryside on a farm or driving down green lanes!

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Angela Wright - Training Coordinator

Angela Wright portrait

I love my work and enjoy learning new and interesting tasks. On the weekends I love my training even more now I have 3 dogs. I go for walks with them, retrieve the ball for them, pick up and sweep up after them, brush their hair, brush their teeth, give them cuddles when they want, and in return they steal my bed.

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Jennifer Townend - Financial Controller

Jennifer Townend portrait

I am a busy mum to my young family, so I can consequently be found on a weekend at a local park or on a walk, followed by an evening with wine.

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