Tarigo Ltd- Product Management Workshops

Elevate Your Product Management Skills with Tarigo's Product Management Workshops

In the fast-paced world of product management, staying ahead of the game and continuously honing your skills is crucial for success. At Tarigo we’re proud to offer a range of comprehensive product management workshops which are designed to empower professionals at various stages of their product management journey.

Product Foundation: Self-paced Product Management Basics

Our Foundation course is an ideal starting point for individuals who are new to product roles or those seeking to establish a solid baseline understanding of product management. This self-paced course covers the fundamental principles, frameworks, and best practices of product management. By completing the Foundation course, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the product management landscape, enabling them to contribute effectively to their organisations' product strategies and initiatives.

Product Bootcamp: Interactive Product Lifecycle Training

For those who want to learn and apply product management concepts in a practical setting, this one is the ideal choice. This live online or face-to-face workshop provides interactive training on the product lifecycle. Participants learn how to navigate key stages of product development, from ideation to launch and beyond. Through real-world case studies, group exercises, and expert guidance, this option equips product professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. With over 21,000 product professionals already benefitting from this workshop, you can trust in our expertise and track record.

Product Pro-Series: Advanced Modules for Experienced Professionals

For product professionals ready to take their skills to the next level, our Pro-Series offers a suite of advanced modules that delve deeper into specific topics that matter most in product management. These modules cover a wide range of subjects such as product strategy, roadmap creation, pricing, and go-to-market strategies. The Pro-Series workshops provide practical insights, advanced frameworks and hands-on exercises to help experienced product managers refine their expertise and enhance their ability to drive product success.

Product Excellence: Transforming Product Organisations

As well our workshops for individuals, we also offer consultancy services through their Product Excellence program. This comprehensive program is designed to transform product organisations by building consistency in skills, frameworks, tools, templates and processes. By partnering with Tarigo, teams can achieve product excellence, resulting in enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and improved outcomes. Our consultancy services is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, providing a customised approach to address unique challenges and drive lasting transformation.

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