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Who is Product Excellence for?

Organisations looking to build world class product teams

What is Product Excellence?

A programme designed to drive excellence across people, skills, processes and governance, enabling delivery of more consistent and successful products to market. Product Excellence starts with understanding an organisations vision for the product team and then executing a plan to achieve that vision!

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Your transformation starts here.

Product Excellence is not one size fits all, the program is tailored for every organisation. We have a 4-step process that underpins the Product Excellence programme and there are a range of intervention themes that are tailored to drive your requirements.

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Build the vision

A great plan needs a grand vision; a north star that sets the direction of travel for the whole programme. We work with you to define the vision for product in your organisation.

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Evaluate current skills and processes

We evaluate the organisations capability to deliver the vision by assessing skills across the team and the processes that deliver products and services.

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Build a transformation roadmap

We define a plan to build the capability and deliver the vision. The roadmap can focus on up to six customisable intervention themes from framework, tools and templates, roles, training, governance, and enablement. This approach allows us to achieve process excellence and skills excellence underpinned by a robust communication plan.

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Implement the roadmap

We define a programme dashboard to track, measure and communicate progress at regular intervals, enabling key stakeholders to be engaged as we deliver Product Excellence!

Case study

Helping a global software company develop consistent capability across the global product community.

The challenge Sage needed a programme to develop a consistent product capability. Operating across 9 locations with different operating models it needed a framework flexible enough to support a variety of products and services across the full product life cycle.

The solution Understanding - We first identified current skills and processes, then we identified and prioritised the key business needs and opportunities. Vision & Roadmap – A Vision was crafted to set the North Star direction for the programme, alongside a well defined roadmap full of initiatives to build the capability and deliver the vision. Deliver, and measure - We are half way through the delivery of the roadmap, and we continuously track and measure against the objectives. Using the philosophy of marginal gain we apply improvements to everything we do to embed and enhance our initiatives.

The results A Sage Product Framework; a common language, methods, tools and templates across product, engineering, and design teams. An always on Product Excellence Portal; one place to access content and training events to help product teams ace it! Live and online training programmes and events: Foundation, Bootcamp and Pro Series that receive above 90% Net Promoter Score An average skills uplift of 26% for participants * * Average is recorded on Bootcamp

More testimonials

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Tarigo are a key partner to Product at Sage, they help to support our transformation to become a great SaaS company.

Together we are building a great product team and growing a product culture, and it’s never been more important than right now, as product talent becomes harder to retain and recruit.

Susannah Garside Director
Learning & Development at Sage

We focus on seven customisable intervention themes

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Our comprehensive foundation for success

Product Excellence is underpinned with a clear, coherent, and commercially relevant framework that provides the rails your team run on. We use our 5D Product Management framework as a start point and then customise to define a task-based model that meets the needs of your business.

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We build out a responsibility model across the framework

We define how the framework tasks get delivered by identifying roles across the product family, and we ensure teams understand their responsibilities. This maps out every task, milestone, and key decision involved in delivering a product.

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Tools & Templates

We create a consistent approach

We build a suite of customised tools and templates to support the framework that drives consistency of approach and uniform stakeholder engagement.

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We test capability and define our measure of success

We map skills and experience against the framework for everyone so that each individual has a scorecard. We define all measures of success for the programme, evaluate, and continuously learn as we go.

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We build the skills to deliver Product Excellence

We build and deliver customised training programs to upskill the product team. Using Product Bootcamp and Product Pro-Series as starting points, we build a flexible program that meets the precise needs of your team. Certified training delivered with pre and post testing to demonstrate skill uplift.

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We consider what the operating model needs

We define a governance model to ensure long term consistency, continuous improvement, and repeatable success across the product team.

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We make it a habit, and embed it

Delivering product Excellence is only the start. We embed it into the organisation by transforming the way the team think, feel, and behave with targeted nudges to build the habit of product Excellence.

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Success for us is when you’re delivering products that are capable of responding to the evolving needs of the customer in a simple and intuitive way.

We engaged Tarigo because of their specialist expertise and focus on product management.  We’re pleased to say they are now our global product management training partner, skilfully navigating many different situations and cultures to successfully form and deliver our product management excellence programme in both classroom and online formats.

The training is always engaging, good fun and innovative in both the delivery and the supporting ideas and materials to embed the learning.

Tarigo has already successfully delivered this programme to over 1000 product managers globally.

Eric Klisz
Business Leader – Product Management Excellence, Global Talent Development

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