Product Bootcamp

Product management training for individuals or teams

Product Bootcamp is our core training program that steps through the lifecycle of a product from ideation to retirement.

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Who is Product Bootcamp for?

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Product Professionals looking to build their core skills.

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Product teams looking for consistency.

Product Management Core Skills training icon

Product Professionals looking for accredited product management training.

Product Bootcamp

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An externally accredited, comprehensive course covering all aspects of product management and the typical lifecycle of a product, from ideation right through to product retirement.

Product Bootcamp is delivered live online (or in person). Based around Tarigo's 5D Product Framework and can be completed over 8 weeks running at 90 minutes per session. Delivered by industry experts with real world experience and examples. Product Bootcamp is fun, practical, and engaging. For Product Professionals who want to stay ahead of the game and practice continuous professional development.

From £1200+VAT

What does Product Bootcamp cover?

Direct Weeks 1 & 2
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Great vision is built on great research

  • The habits of product managers
  • Introduction to the Tarigo product management framework
  • Build a competitor value curve
  • Start strategizing, stop firefighting
  • Complete a product vision
Discover Weeks 3 & 4
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What the market needs are today and tomorrow

  • Know your market
  • Design thinking, experimentation mindset
  • Work as a team
  • Building an empathy map
  • Collaborate on the innovation canvas
Define Weeks 5 & 6
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Form the business case and build the plan

  • Own your product
  • Make effective decisions and stick to them
  • Building your core value proposition
  • The user story model
  • Build your goal statements
Deliver Week 7
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Launch successfully across the business and to the market.

  • Work to a plan
  • The launch process
  • Define the launch plan
  • Messaging with clarity
  • Build a messaging canvas
Drive Week 8
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Continuously manage, measure and optimise for product success.

  • Recap the habits of a successful product manager
  • Win/loss
  • Marginal gains
  • Product retirement
  • Define your next steps action plan!

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Product Bootcamp Schedule

Product Bootcamp takes places over a nine week period with one 90 minute session, delivered weekly.

Week 1 Week 2
Great strategy is built on great research and insight

Introducing the seven habits
The 5D Product Framework

Market research
Segmenting markets
Sizing markets
Getting the data
Research models
Validating research

Competitor analysis
Types of competitor
Business-level analysis
Product-level analysis

Making the data actionable with the value curve

Build a Competitor value curve
Strong Product vision gives us direction

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Start Strategizing

Building a product vision
Trend driven
Strategy driven
Research driven

The product vision canvas
Types of roadmap

Building the aha! roadmap

Complete a product vision canvas

Week 3 Week 4
Innovation is our heartbeat

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Know your market

The experimentation mindset
Know your customers
Empathy mapping
Building the prototypes
Customer testing

Define an Empathy map
We assess and validate everything

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Work as a team

Pain assessment & validation
The ten questions that establish customer need
Scaling the opportunity
Assessing the risks
Pain validation

Collaborate on an Innovation canvas

Week 5 Week 6
We get into the commercial detail

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Own your product

The commercial business case
Building the value proposition
Product pricing
P&L management
Presenting the business case

Describe your core value proposition
We define and build the right product

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Make effective decisions

Defining the need
The user story model
User journeys
Staying on track
Prioritizing from the MVP
Communicating to stakeholders
Being an agile team

Build your goal statements

Week 7
We plan our launch with clear customer focus & momentum

Catch-up on mission
Habit of the session: Communicate openly

Product launch
The launch process
The launch team
Building a launch plan
Dealing with delay
Managing expectation
Launch with momentum

Build a messaging canvas

Week 8
We continue to deliver customer value

Catch-up on mission Recapping the seven habits

Building a continuous success model
Using win/loss data
Finding marginal gain
Building the metrics set
Keeping ahead
Iterative planning
Continuous market trend assessment
Product withdrawal
Withdrawal signals
Planning product retirement
Wrap-up and next steps

Define your next steps action plan

You can also download a detailed Bootcamp schedule as a PDF

Tools to help you be a great product manager

30 in 30 Product Management cards

daily product management exercises

Our 30 in 30 product management cards provide the structure and the nudges to practice different product management tasks throughout the day. Go through these cards and complete one task per day for 30 days to practice different tasks and get to know more about your product, customers, and markets.