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Product Foundation

Self-paced | GuidedOnline

Self-paced Product Management basics. Our Foundation course is an ideal starting point for those completely new to product roles and the perfect baseline for those connected to product.

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Product Bootcamp

Accredited | InteractiveLive sessions

Live online, or face to face Product lifecycle training. It’s interactive, and for those that want to learn it, as-well as apply it and get feedback. It’s already delivered to over 21,000 product professionals.

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Product Pro-Series

Leadership | Deep Dive SkillsLive sessions

For Product Professionals who are ready to go beyond Bootcamp, our Pro-Series offers a suite of advance modules that deep dive on the topics that matter.

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Product Excellence

Skills Assessment | Roles and RACIConsultancy Engagement

Our complete program to transform product organisations, building consistency on skills, frameworks, tools, templates & processes. Enabling teams to deliver Product Excellence.

What is unique about Tarigo Product Management?

We believe that process is power, and we know how important it is to make sure that for any product management framework to be effective it must fit the organisation's needs. At Tarigo, we have created the 5D Product Management Framework that spans across the lifecycle of a product and is flexible enough to suit any business in any sector with a bit of collaboration.

We work with you to test our process, and modify where needed, to ensure the best process is in place to allow for repeatable success within your organisation. Our framework utilises the 5D’s, our sections within the framework that track the lifecycle of a product, the Tarigo Product Management way!

The Tarigo 5Ds

Direct | Discover | Define | Deliver | Drive

Within each of those 5D’s is a set of; competencies, tasks, skills, and activities that fulfil the product management role, this can be our standard set or customised to suit!

The 5D Product Framework

Product management framework process


We understand that great strategy is built on great research, and a strong product vision gives us direction. We’ll explore a way to present research and insight, and we’ll understand the different routes to achieve a one-page product vision.


Innovation is our heartbeat; we assess and validate everything. Ideation can be tough, but we can achieve quality ideas using design thinking and brainstorming techniques. We’ll also learn that ideas can come from anywhere in the business, what we need in product is a way to assess ideas quickly but efficiently.


We are all about the commercial detail, we’ll make informed decisions from product naming to financials, whilst defining the needs for our users, we’ll increase our chance of success by clearly defining value for our target personas.


We plan our launch with clear customer focus so we can launch with momentum. We understand the need to start early for launch and how to create compelling messaging using the structure of the Message Canvas.


We continue to provide customer value. Product is never won and done, a lot of our competencies and tasks are ongoing and iterative. So we strive to maintain, improve, and track our product performance, and we continually improve!

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Accredited product management training

Our product management courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office. This means that not only does our training provide certified and recognised training and development, but you can also be certain that you are receiving only the best training in your area. All our training materials go through a scrutinous independent evaluation process that ensures you get the best quality and that we can deliver training to everyone.

Certified product management training