Marginal Gains - Small change big difference

How can we as Product Managers use marginal gain to ensure we always stay ahead of our competitors ?

First gaining prominence with Sir Dave Brailsford, Performance Director for Team Sky, the UK’s professional cycling team, he pushed the team to search for the 1% in hundreds of tiny areas that were overlooked by their competitors: they looked at more obscure areas such as taking their favourite pillows on tour to get the best night’s sleep and teaching riders how to wash their hands to avoid illness and time off training. They were relentless in their pursuit of marginal gains and it paid off. What can we learn from this? Lots of small gains that in isolation mean nothing can add up to remarkable aggregate improvements over time.

Think of Apple and Blackberry handsets – a product that is marginally better across the piece translates into a hugely dominant market performance. Marginal gains in your product can mean the difference between success and failure, because when product deals are won, it can be on the smallest of margins. To talk to us about our training today.