Introducing Product Management Central: A Five Step Model to optimise skills.

How do you make sure you’ve got the right product managers with the right skill set to solve the problems and address the opportunities that 2018 will bring? We use a simple five stage model:
1. Set priorities - what is it that you need to do in 2018? Find new markets, launch a product, manage costs, plan demand, etc. Of course the answer will be ‘we want to do everything!’, but what is really important to success?

2. Define skills - what does your team need to be good at to address the priorities you’ve identified? That superstar performer from 2017 might have none of the skills for 2018

3. Test the team - this could be as simple as a conversation with them through to our online testing to get a quantitative measure.

4. Build the curve - how closely do skills match priorities? How big is the gap?

5. Close the gap - with training and support so they’re ready to tackle 2018. I'll be talking through this during one of our free webinars. Contact us and we’ll get the details to you.